Friday, 29 April 2011

It's a Nice Day for a Royal Wedding ...

Didn't watch it, though, we done a Charlie Brooker and played Portal 2 on the Xbox instead. It became quite disorientating after a while so lovely blokey took the dog out and I did my nails in this rather fetching purple.

2True Shade 16 Swatch
2True Shade 16 Swatch. A good purple.

Good purple, this is, it's three coats of 2True Shade 16 -- a polish that is nicely affordable and easily acquired from Superdrug or 2True's website. I decided to Konad it before going back to some co-op Portal 2 and it's associated squabbles as the new Bundlemonster plates arrived yesterday. First design to be used was the cute skull. Surprise.

2True Shade 16, Bundlemonster BM08 and Bundlemonster BM225
Half of William and Kate showered with the confetti made from the bones of the proletariat.

So, yeah, this is a representation of William and Kate being showered with confetti made from the bones of the proletariat. Bride on one hand, groom on the other with the prole-bone-confetti scattered everywhere as it was deployed by a Lancaster bomber doing a fly-by. The skull design and the crossbones are from Bundlemonster plate BM225, the little crown is from BM08 and the polishes used were the Konad Special White polish and Stargazer Chrome Silver. Banging.

Now back to saving science ...


Jess said...

This is cute! I am a new follower :) Also love Portal! I am still trying to figure out a way to put companion cubes on my nails!

Missus Boot said...

Thanks fellow Portal fan and new follower! Companion cubes on the nails would look bloomin' brilliant :)

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