Sunday, 10 April 2011

Another Lovely Sonday

Hello there new followers, and old Nail Bling readers. Hope you're liking the new place :) The furniture's still being moved about a bit and I keep forgetting to label posts ...

Last week, the lovely son got us some nice polishes for Mother's Day -- Boots 17 Crackle, Orly Witch's Blue and Orly Velvet Rope. Bloody fine choices as well, I was well pleased with them :) This Lovely Sonday* I'm going to wear the Orly Witch's Blue to sooth my prickly soul.

Orly Witch's Blue Swatch
Orly Witch's Blue Swatch. Deliciousy blue.

Mmmmm, this is a nice bright blue with quite a shimmer to it -- fine choice lovely son! Excuse the messy application,  I'm a little 'delicate' today, over-caffeinated and my hands are all a-quiver. Best try and patch up the dodgy patches with some flakies and Konad, oh yeah.

Orly Witches Blue, Nfu.Oh 052 and Konad m57
Looks a bit mermaidy, or like the scales of a really awesome dragon.

A couple of coats of the Nfu.Oh 52 flakies were applied, vainly admired for a while, and then stamped over with the scale pattern on Konad m57. A spot of top coat went on and, for about the millionth time this week, I wished the camera was a bit better so it could pick up all the fabulous as it all looks a bit flat; roll on next month when I get a new one. Hopefully, touch wood, and all that.

*Sadly marred by a minor skirmish about cleaning the sink properly.


Sylvia said...

Awesome mani! The flakies with the stamping combination is so cute!

KarenD said...

Gorgeous combination!

Stompy Boot said...

Thank you both :)

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