Sunday, 17 April 2011

Hurray, it's Lovely Sonday

This is the last Lovely Sonday for a while, as I have run out of lovely naily gifts from my lovely son. He's bought me some awesome polishes, and this one - Orly Velvet Rope - has to be the most awesome of all.

Orly Velvet Rope SwatchOrly Velvet Rope Swatch. Hello there.

Ooooh, this is two coats of nice. Velvet Rope is a good, vivid glass-flecked purple that'll absolutely knock your socks off, I absolutely love this colour. And what better way to express my love than popping a bit of Konading on there ...

Orly Velvet Rope, Stargazer Chrome Silver and GCOCL Fauxnad G15Orly Velvet Rope with some flowers and squiggles.

It all came out a bit wonky as I had to kinda stamp backwards IYSWIM. Used Stargazer Chrome Silver as the stamping polish and Fauxnad GCOCL G15 because I like the florals. It's the weirdest thing, actually, I'm not a flower-person at all, though I quite like lilies, but for some reason I really like having flowers on my nails. Must be getting old ...


Moondancerjen said...

These silver flowers are so pretty!

Missus Boot said...

Thank you :)

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