Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bling-a-bling-blang my blang-a-long-ling-long

Still haven't heard from BYS about the mystery chrome pack, but I'm still going to wear it. Going for the dark pinky-red today.

BYS Chrome Pack Dark Pink SwatchBYS Chrome Pack Dark Pink Swatch

The colour comes out really bright on my camera for some reason, it should be a bit more subdued than that. It's not all that chromey either TBH but it's a nice enough colour. Not really the sort of colour I have on my nails. Hair, yes, but not the nails.

I needed glitter, lots of glitter.

BYS Chrome Pack Dark Pink and Saffron Colour 09
I'm useless at taking pix of glitter

BYS Chrome Dark Pink and Saffron Colour 09 ECU.jpgSaffron Colour 09 was the perfect glitter for the pinky-red base, the colours matched almost perfectly. I put on two coats then started getting a bit twitchy for the Konad. Oh, 'ere we go ...

I initially resisted my newest addiction by sponging the nail tips in the BYS dark pinky-red, and it all looked really, really good. I know this because I kept looking at it, thinking, "ooh, that looks nice". However, the camera disagreed and reluctantly squeezed out the blurry glitter pic on the left.

I Konaded it eventually, using the stars on Bundlemonster plate BM14 and some Stargazer Chrome Silver 232 polish, which is the bollocks for stamping with, the silver comes out beautifully -- it's much better than the Konad Special Silver polish, in fact. It's also very reasonably priced and available from Stargazer or eBay, wahey!

BYS Chrome Dark Pink and Saffron Colour-09 and BM14
All blinged up for the weekend.

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