Thursday, 21 April 2011

Should Have Stuck With The Giraffe

Needed to take my mind off teh ills today as they completely suck and I've had enough of it and I've had to have cigarettes again, so picked out a colour at random. This Collection 2000 Hot Looks 10 Wink wasn't the best colour to pull out, TBH, it's a bit fugly.

Collection 2000 Hot Looks 10 Swatch
Collection 2000 Hot Looks 10 Wink Swatch. Shakey hands = shakey application

What can I say? The bottle was the worst of the eBay specials and the colours had utterly separated -- I had to shake it for ages to get some sort of uniform colour going. I wish I hadn't, it's horrible.

Having a giraffe
I thought a tiger print would hide the minging colour, and went for Konad plate m57. It had vanished. Bummer. Unthwarted, the tips got sponged over with some Collection 2000 Alloys 292 (gold) and stamped in black with the giraffey pattern from Bundlemonster plate BM10.

Then the m57 plate turned up right in front of me on my desk, it was just sitting there, chilling. Git. It wasn't there earlier. I decided that a snakeskin thing with the fishnet pattern may work better than the giraffe look. It didn't.

Collection 2000 Hot Looks 10 Wink, Collection 2000 Alloys 292, BM10 and Konad m57 Fail
WTF is this? Waaaay too many black patches.

Not 'appy with it, mate, but at least it comes off \o/

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