Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Winter Wonderland in April

I've worn Orly Winter Wonderland quite a few times now, but never got the opportunity to swatch it until today. So here it is.

Orly Winter Wonderland Swatch
Orly Winter Wonderland Swatch

I'm a bit of a fan of this white and silver shimmer, it's all glistening and shimmering and it's not my normal colour but I loves it. It is a bit sheer for my liking and four coats were needed to get a good opaque thang going.

Kept it pure for a while, then went for a spot of Konad.

Orly Winter Wonderland and Fauxnad m02 and Konad m57
Blue Butterflies and Flowers. It was hard to get a pic of this.

I used Fauxnad plate m02 for the butterflies, Konad m57 for the flowers and shaded it all with Orly Lunar Eclipse. Quite pleased with how it all ended up, actually -- shall try and keep it on for more than 24 hours as some sort of challenge!

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