Sunday, 24 April 2011

I Am A Glorious Tiger

The blue chrome job of the other day didn't last long due to me being rather ungainly with my hands, so I thought an Eastery colour may be in order and picked out the Nubar Purple Beach. This is another one of Nubar's wonderful duochromes with colours ranging from purple to gold to green, and I don't mind telling you that it looks fantastic.

Nubar Purple Beach in sunlight
Nubar Purple Beach Swatch. Sunlight.

Nubar Purple Beach in the shade.
Nubar Purple Beach Swatch. Shade.

Formula, brush and all that were lovely, it's just my application was a bit meh as it was applied whilst sitting on a swing lounger in the very hot sun (which was actually quite a challenge). Also, some bits have been patched up as I kept whacking my hand on a light whilst playing Dance Central (which is awesome). Ungainly, see. Pictures aren't the best either as I was wearing a cowboy hat and huge aviator shades when I took them Bo)

Today's Konad-job was inspired by a bizarre conversation about tigers. During this conversation I decided that it would be brilliant to be a tiger that was the same colour as my nails, as I'd be able to hide in gold grasses, green grasses and, errr, purple grasses. Thereafter, a Konad of glorious tiger was made.

Nubar Purple Beach and Konad m57
It would own if I was a tiger and was gold and purple with black stripes.

Used the Konad m57 plate and some Superdrug MUA Shade 2 (black) for the stamping as I'd got a new bottle, though something seems to have changed with the polish and it doesn't stamp as well :(

Happy Easter!

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