Monday, 4 April 2011

Missing One Smash Gate @ Downtown Paradise

We’ve got some seriously grey weather going on at the mo, so a sunny bright colour was required. And this BYS Mystery yellow from the BYS Chrome Pack is sunny, bright and, errrr, very yellow. It might be BYS Bottle Blonde No 180, then again, it might not. I do try to help.

BYS Mystery Yellow Swatch
BYS Mystery Yellow Swatch. Four /good/ coats.

Fantastic colour but a bit horrible to apply. It was a bit too sheer for my liking that needed four rather healthy coats to reach opacity, and it went on a bit streaky. I’m not sure why it was in a so-called Chrome pack, as it’s a creme. Oddness.

I wasn’t too happy with the finish and reached out for the stamper …

I hadn’t given any of the Bundlemonster full nail designs a go yet, BM20 was today’s choice, accompanied by the long-suffering Superdrug MUA Shade 02 (black). Blimey, these designs are small — I feel like I’ve got MASSIVE man hands now. I had to try and double stamp on most of my fingers, which is really hard to do with straight lines. I messed up a few nails and quickly repaired them by stamping on the Fauxnad m42 (Konad m28) skull in black, then the Konad Special White polish.

BYS Mystery Yellow and BM20 and Fauxnad m42
These are inspired by those crash gates in Burnout Paradise, they are.

I coloured in the eyes and removed the eyepatch with some white acrylic paint and skulls saved the day again! I’m kinda wishing that I’d only stamped one nail as all these stripes are a bit much, they do my nut in a bit when I move my fingers.

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