Sunday, 1 May 2011


Over the next couple of days I plan to be wearing this:

At Your Quebec and Call Swatch
OPI At Your Quebec and Call Swatch

It's Opi At Your Quebec & Call and I've no idea where it came from, it just appeared in my posh nail varnish box. As you can see it's got a nice bit o' shimmer to it but I'm not sure what colour to class this as, it looks like a khaki-gold. Ghaki, maybe? I'd never normally wear this colour but it's alright it is. Could be better, though.

Some HB plates from Nailart & Mehr arrived the same day as the new Bundlemonster plates and it was their turn for the Stompystampy treatment. I loves me some tribal so dug out plate HB43.
Opi At Your Quebec and Call and HB43
Tribal cover-up makes everything alright

It took me ages to pick a pattern, and in the end went for the tribal knotty design. Gave the nails a bit of a stamping with Collection 2000 Alloys 292 (gold), went over that with Superdrug MUA Shade 2 (black) and now I like this colour, it's really quite \m/


Starlight said...

Oh, I love this color! It's such a nice golden green,khaki. I have a thing for greens. This one is probably discontinued though. It looks nice on you!

Stompy Boot said...

Thanks, missus :) Am developing a thing for greens having never really worn them before February, they're pretty awesome \o/

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