Friday, 28 October 2011

EOTD: ELF Challenge: Pink Fr-eye-day

We are having a Pink Friday today which called for some pink eyes.  Couldn't do nails as it wouldn't have worked with the title of this post, and I'm still enjoying rocking the Claire's Accessories Mystery Metallic Purple.

Never a great fan of pinky-pink eyes as they make me look really, really ill, which kinda defeats the point of wearing make-up in the first place. I want to get away from teh ills, not look at the bastards. And, why, yes this is another ELF 100 Colour Palette Challenge Post. Not quite gathered enough groovy pink samples to do anything interesting with.

Half-asleep in this picture. TBH, I was half-asleep when I put it all on, and I'm still half-asleep now.

Started off with the usual Two-Faced Shadow Insurance (which I use, like, all the time so I'm not sure why it's being mentioned in every post) and a base of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk over the lid, crease and lower lash-line.

Eyeshadow H0 (pale peachy pink) was applied all over and around the duct (didn't show up much, though), E1 (pink) went onto the centre of lid, crease and lower lash-line and F2 (purpley-pink) went onto the outer lid, crease and lower lash-line. As mentioned earlier, this pinky-pink look makes me look really ill, so I went over the crease with some F1 (purple) and it looked a bit better. I expect to ruin/improve this look a bit later on by having a snooze and smearing it all over the place. 

Thursday, 27 October 2011

EOTD: ELF Challenge: Playing With Purple

Oh sod it, lets do me eyes to match my nails (and shirt) then take photos of it and include it as part of the ELF 100 Colour Palette Challenge. Yeah, content, baby.

Shall be using colours B6 (goldy-brown), F0 (lilac) and F3 (mid-purple) for this (click on pic on left for bigger colour reference dooberry).

Bit messy but I do like this

Started off with some of the lovely Two-Face Shadow Insurance primer and a base of NYX Jumbo Stick in Milk. B6 (goldy-brown) was applied in the inner eyelid, then F0 (lilac) got patted onto the centre of the eyelid.  F3 (mid-purple) went onto the outer lid and crease, and was blended in with the B6 (goldy-brown) with some more F0 (lilac). Could have done a better job of the blending really, looks a bit messy but it was early. I'm not an early person.

This is a colour-combo that normally wouldn't have been worn but will be again.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Right, Bored Already

I appear to have a couple of days off, and this means I can dig out the Claire's Accessories Mystery Polish and Konad, hurray. Also, history in the making -- I've also managed to be quite organised and have scheduled some posts. Gasp! Shock! Horror!

This is pleasant.

This polish does not come with a name or a number, and is therefore going to be called Claire's Metallic Purple, because I'm quite sure that's what it said on the receipt (but this was back in June so I could be wrong. Regardless of wrongness, it will be called Claire's Metallic Purple). Two coats of this polish did the trick and I decided Konad it almost immediately.

New light shows off the Go-Faster stripe wrinkles on my finger

I was a bit, errrr, out of practise, and the pattern kept sticking to the stamper because I over-filed it and was too lazy to go over it again with a buffer to smooth it out (plus I'm not sure where it is).

Decided to go with the tip patterns on Bundlemonster plate BM 216; here I did the tips (in black, natch) on the majority of the fingers, then applied the design sideways on the accent finger. Looked good but was missing something. I resisted the temptation to chuck yet another skull on there and went for a devestatingly original flower from GCOCL plate A01. Did this in Stargazer Chrome Gold 237 and was actually a bit disappointed in the result. The Stargazer Chromes really pop out when used as a stamping polish, but not this one, it was a bit poxy. Finished it off with some NYX Girls 151 (doesn't appear to have a name, it's a purple glitter) and then I went off to find new and interesting ways to trash this mani.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

EOTD: The ELF 100 Colour Palette Challenge

Got my ELF 100 Colour Eyeshadow Palette the other day, and the husband rolled his eyes a bit.

Click this one for biggers

So, yes, 100 colours for someone who fears teh colour upon their eyes. I've set myself the personal challenge of using every single colour on the palette -- I've done a spreadsheet and everything, and, as the colours aren't named or owt, I've given them numbers and letters, as you can see above.

Starting the challenge with two colours that I would never, ever wear in a million, gazillion years -- shimmery yellow and red. Or, in this case, B1 and G9 (with a bit of A0 at the brow-bone but you can't see that)

Eyes match hair. Win.

Both colours were applied wet over some Two-Faced Shadow Insurance primer and they came out pretty bright. They've been on all day and I've yet to take it off so I must like it. Yeeeeaaaah ... I'm kinda liking the red. And the yellow, actually, despite it all feeling a little Karma-Karma-Karma-Karma Karma Chameleon (red, gold no green).

Sunday, 23 October 2011

NOTD: Fresian Cows With Spots

Now that this blog has a few more followers (hello), I'm going to again try and find out the name of this BYS mystery polish. Also taking this opportunity to mess around with me new daylight lightbulb.

Bit off-colour here.

Not sure why the colour has a bit of a magenta tinge to it there -- it certainly didn't in this photo taken earlier this year. Ho hum. Anyway, I like this polish, it applies well despite the horrible awkwardness of the lid, coverage is pretty sound after three coats. Can't moan about this polish really, tis a shame I don't know the name and can't purchase any more (they stock none in the shops round these parts).

Glitter is smelly, yet effective.

I got these cute skull cherry nail decals and wanted to give them a go. The BYS Mystery White Polish got a coat of some eBay red glitter (the stuff that comes in those funny faux Nfu.Oh bottles) and I hoped it would last.

A Fresian Cow with Spots

It didn't. Here is my standard 'lets make this ruined polish-job last a bit longer cos it's only going to get spoilt again when it gets redone' repair job. Yeah, crackle. Covers up a multitude of sins though. Should probably add that there was further ruination and there should have been a picture of the tips covered with some black polish but I've killed another memory card.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

EOTD: A Green, Glittery 100th Post

Soooo ... I got some samples from Fyrinnae \o/ Went for some goldy green in the form of the sublime Dokkalfar to go with yesterday's nails.

I have my father's eyes and every time I see a pic of my eye I feel like I'm about to be admonished for something. My father wouldn't look good in glitter, incidentally, now I'm thinking about him, all glittered up and wearing an Italian suit and it's all :D

Camera doesn't quite pick up the MEGA SPARKLE

Teamed this one up with some khaki from this Beauty UK palette. I haven't really worn green on my eyes before -- it took me long enough to start liking it on my nails -- but it's on, and it's likeable. Very likeable, in fact. Yeah, getting a bigger jar of Dokkalfar for sure. Wish the sparkle would show up more in the photos, it's brilliant in real-life to the extent that I felt the need to flutter the eyelids at the husband every three seconds. Well in.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A P5 Rover called Sidney

We once had an old P5 Rover called Sidney (here's a picture from the Torygraph. It's not our one, it belongs to the Queen). Lovely car, it was, sounded good, nice and comfortable, shame it cost about £100 in fuel to travel about 25 miles. Sold it in the end for a pittance.

This is what colour it was:

Lasting Fix, my arse

It was covered in Boots 17 Lasting Fix Exquisite, which is a spot-on British Racing Green with a bit of subtle shimmer. The paint-job on the classic car lasted a lot better than this polish, mind, the tip-wear you see above was caused by the strenuous toils of sleeping and opening up a few spreadsheets the next morning. There may have even been some punishing coffee-drinking involved as well.

I was not impressed with the wear on the so-called Lasting Fix, and smothered it with Boots 17 Black and Gold Crackle.

Oh. This didn't come out how I'd originally hoped

Bit underwhelmed by this crackle, TBH, it looked so promising on the bottle but now it looks like some git has poured glittery tar over the paint-job of Sidney the P5 Rover.

Monday, 17 October 2011

EOTD: Gateway Drug

A quote from me other blog from 15th January 2011. This was when I gave up the cigs and started on the polish.

"Anyway, one of the things that I've been doing to keep my hands occupied is doing my nails, because I like colouring things in, the smell of nail varnish, as well as dodgy finger bling. I appear to be going a bit girlie with my midlife crisis, dunno WTF is going on. I'll be going bonkers over eyeshadows next"

And it has happened -- nail polish has turned out to be a bit of a gateway drug and I've gone a bit bonkers about eyeshadow. I'm also going to work on getting rid of my irrational fear of colour around the eyes, cos I mainly wear black or brown or BOTH, so until then have some Madd Style Cosmetics Glitter Bitches.

Bright pink glitter on black, swoon, shame it doesn't show up all that well

Glitter Bitches (left) is black with wonderous amounts of pink glitter and I like it very much -- very smooth to apply, doesn't make my eyes fat or itchy and it looks bloody gorgeous. I applied it wet over some primer and it looks spanking enough. Also used a bit of the light pink in this Beauty UK palette as well, and it didn't look ridiculous, so we went out for a coffee. Very nice it was, too.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Nubbiniser

Had to take some drastic action on the nails after an unfortunate incident. It's great being able to type again, but they're so short, I'm a bit sadface, really.

Maybe some holographic polish would turn that frown upside down.

Color Club Revvvolution Swatch Look, it's colourful and shiny, you miserable beast.

Nah, not really. Well, how about a Konad job with some Spectraflaired polish and plate BM201.

Color Club Revvvolution and Bundlemonster BM201 Too much holo. Can't see anything.

Hmmmm, well, no, still :( Sulky cow.