Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Good Red

Induldging in some red today, some lovely deep, shimmery red that came in a bottle with Stargazer 315 written on it. Mmmmm.

Stargazer 315 Swatch
Stargazer 315. A good red.

I do like this red and I'm not really a red polishy person. But the colour on this is divine and very well pigmented, needing two coats for full opacity but you might get away with one. This may make a good stamping polish as well, shall put that to the test. The finish looks a bit metallic but has a shimmery shimmer to as well, and was it mentioned that I do like this red?

Again, I'm trying out some stuff suitable for occasion where I have to wear a dress (OWIHTWAD for short). Not bought the dress yet, BTW, I'll probably end up getting a dress that matches me nails at this rate. Plus I don't know what colour to have my hair ... anyway, there was a stamping idea for the OWIHTWAD.

Stargazer 315 and Plate HB-52
Bit like floral French Horns

These swirly-whirly flowery designs are off the HB-52 plate and the stamping polish is Stargazer Chrome 232 (silver). A bit of topcoat went over the top and bish-bosh, job done. I quite like this one which means it will quickly be ruined.


Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

Thats such a nice red! Can't wait for the stamp results :]

Laura said...

I like this stamping! I think it should be great for the OWYHTWAD.

jaljen said...

Ooee ooee. That red has a foil quality to it. Niiice.

Missus Boot said...

@Jennius Thanks for the reminder -- I would have forgotten otherwise. Again :)

@Laura It is a very strong contender for the OWIHTWAD, especially the colour.

@jaljen Oooh yes, it could be foily (I'm rubbish at distinguishing different finishes)

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