Thursday, 2 June 2011

Stamping Polish Test-me-do

In the past, I've used a few polishes that made me think, "oooh, this'll be good for stamping", and then quickly forgotten about testing them out. However, today is different as Jennius reminded me about it :)

Testing out yesterday's Stargazer 315 over China Glaze The Ten Man (left), Collection 2000 Wham* (centre) and Superdrug MUA Shade 2 (right). Didn't come out too bad actually, I've seen a lot worse. The polish is £2.50 from Stargazer which is downright bargainous for such a fabby fab fab colour.

And this one is Accessorize Idol over the same polishes as above. Good effort here, the stamped pattern came out as a mostly opaque dark grey with a bit of shimmer to it as well. It's currently sold-out on Accessorize and Superdrug's websites at the mo, but you might be able to find it for £2 at your local Superdrug.

*This polish keeps putting Wham's 'Wham Rap' in my head.

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Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

Thank you! I think I'll have to purchase Stargazer 315.

I'll be lush for flower designs ^_^

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