Saturday, 14 May 2011

Oooh, an award

Hello readers, old and new.

So blimey, Konad Abuse got tagged with a Kreativ Blog Award by the lovely KarenD at Frazzle and Aniploish -- thank you KarenD, you've given my blogging self-esteem a warm little glow :)

Got to now list 10 facts about moi, which is really hard, especially when it's already been done once but Blogger ate the draft :(

1). I was born with an amazing gift for losing pens, lighters, glasses, etc, just by being in contact with them.

2). I once had a Mercedes badge stuck to my hand and it took nine fireman to remove it (there was a doctor and some nurses too, and hydraulic cutters, a small generator and other apparatus but they didn't use them.)

3). I replaced my hardcore nicotine addiction with nail polish and espresso addictions.

4). Play the guitar and bass but can't at the moment because of my nails.

5). I play Guitar Hero and Rock Band plastic guitar games instead.

6). Actually, I probably play too many video games and did enjoy going online, meeting interesting people then missing shooting them. but I spent my Xbox Live sub money on nail polish so I don't as much now.

7). I've got this <3 thing about space elevators.

8). Seriously need some new saucepans. Mine are falling apart.

9). The number 9. It's great.

10). I recently learnt to knit and tried to knit lovely blokey a scarf but it came out shaped and sized like a toilet seat cover. Magnificent.

Also got to tag 10 blogs, so I'm going for the ones that have greatly contributed to my nail varnish wishlist, made me go "ooh" or ":D", that sort of thing:

1). Another Bottle of Polish
2). Deez Nails
3). Forever the Ugly Duckling
4). Frippery Digits
5). iPolished
6). Lucy's Stash
7). Nailin' It
8). nailpolishUK/bats about nail polish
9). Sweet Sugar
10). And everyone who is on my blogroll. Tea for all \o/

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JQ said...

Thank you for the tag and for tea. I also have an espresso addiction. :P and my yarn (everything you can do with it) addiction is actually worse than my polish addiction, if you can believe it. :P

Why on earth aren't you on my blogroll yet? gah. Igoremedy! :P

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