Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fear The Pink Mist

Hadn't worn any mega-glittery nail bling for a while (well, a week or so) and decided to remedy this by slapping on some Accessorize Ruby Sparkle all over yesterday's Flying Dragon.

Accessorize Shade 37 Ruby Sparkle Swatch
Four coats of Accessorize Ruby Sparkle over China Glaze Flying Dragon.

I had to apply four coats to cover up the the black Konading and it still looked a bit patchy. Nevertheless, Accessorize Ruby Sparkle had some wonderful colour going on that reminded me of the Needler weapon in Halo; I just wanted to spray it everywhere and watch everything explode in a pink, glassy boom.

Accessorize Shade 37 Ruby Sparkle Glitters
Blurry glitter shot. *Boom*

The colouring starts to shift under dim lighting, and the horrible noisy picture below shows how the colour starts grooving when near a laptop screen.

Can't get a decent picture of this

There wasn't meant to be any Konad abuse today but my tips got ruined and I couldn't be arsed with glitter removal. The tips got a quick sponging of 2True Shade 16 (purple), and were then stamped with a full nail design from Fauxnad plate m55 (Konad m51) and some Superdrug MUA Shade 2 (black).

A swirly whirly pink and purple Pink Wednesday


jaljen said...

Wow. Major, major impact. Hot.

Benish@getsettoshine said...

looks gorgeous.

Missus Boot said...

Thanks missuses :)

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