Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Giant Glut of Purple

Squeezing out a quick post about more purple polish, as I appear to have acquired loads of them. Some of them look exactly the same as others, which is a bit of a bummer, but some of them, like China Glaze Flying Dragon, are unique and interesting.

China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon) Swatch
China Glaze Flying Dragon. Three coats.

Despite being interesting and unique, Flying Dragon is a purple that I'm not sure about TBH. It is a bright shade of magenta with bits of pink and purple shimmery glitter that dries to a darker matte finish - looks a bit shiny in the above photo as it was applied last night and has since been exposed to matte-killing moisturisers and other such things.

China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon) and Bundle Monster BM207
Stop going on about the shopping list, I'm trying to caption this photo

The Konading job was meant to be a quick going over with Bundlemonster plate BM207, Superdrug MUA Shade 2 (black) and some top coat, but I proper messed the ring finger up and had to shade in around the stamped pattern. It didn't really work out and I'm a bit meh about how it looks so it looks like another Pink Wednesday tomorrow.


Supersparklekitty said...

That sure does have some pretty glitter in it.I wonder if this color is still in curculation. You have created a giant lemming for it,in my book. Looks soo pretty!

GothamPolish said...

Whoa I love this creation!

Missus Boot said...

Thank you :)

@Starlight, the glitter doesn't show up quite as well IRL, which was a bit of disappointment.

Nailderella said...

I really enjoyed going through your blog!
you've got interesting ideas!

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