Saturday, 21 May 2011

Purpurfärgen Is A Lovely Word

Purpurfärgen is Swedish for the colour purple, (thank you alizarine claws for your Swedish word of the day, it's brilliant). Purpurfärgen is also a good way to express my current thing for purple, eg, this week I have been in a state of purpurfärgen as I can't stop wearing purple on my nails.

ELF Lilac Swatch
ELF Lilac Swatch. This would count as a purple, yeah?

ELF Lilac, as the name would strongly suggest, is lilac with a bit of a grey tinge to it. Goes on nicely, and covers well in three coats, with maybe a bit of streakiness, which is why I applied four coats.

ELF Lilac and GCOCL G14
Stamping polish is definitely purple

Some floral Konading as I'm trying things out for a special occassion where I have to wear a dress :O Used the GCOCL G14 / K02 plate and 2True Shade 13 (purple) as the stamping polish, which did the job quite nicely :)

ELF Lilac, Barry M 239 Lavender Hexograms and GCOCL G14
Blue Steel glitter pose.

By the time Friday evening came around the nails were ready for a spot of bling. Barry M 239 Lavender Hexograms polish was the perfect companion, with its chunks of lavender square glitter and fabby silver shimmer.

I must like this nail job as it's been on for nearly three days now.


Dani Rage said...

Very cute. I just found your blog off of another girls blog and I just keep going through your pages. You're really talented.

Missus Boot said...

Thank you :)

Lacquer Lane {The Blog} said...

O delish....very love to own essie.

Ida Pie said...

Hey I'm a new follower. Just found your blog when searching for pictures of Barry M Lavender Hexograms. Love the Nails. Really pretty. I have to try something like this. BTW - I'm Swedish! :D

Ida Pie said...

LOVE commenting without word verifications. Makes it sooooo much easier. Woohoo for that!

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