Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Show Us Your Tips

Seem to be wearing far too many dark colours lately and was starting to fall back into my rut of wearing only purples and blues again, so I thought I'd have a go at Pink Wednesday with some Urban Decay Exhaust. Photos are a bit meh and grey today as they were lit by my little desk-lamp that doesn't really care for my finger-posing.

Urban Decay Exhaust Swatch
Urban Decay Exhaust Swatch on a grey day. Bottle has seen better days.

Urban Decay Exhaust Swatch
Urban Decay Exhaust is an oldie but a goodie -- it's a glass-flecked pinky mauve that is very sheer but in a nice way. I applied four coats and went on smoothly enough, covering up my 'orrible polish-stained nails well enough. Was tempted with a fifth coat but thought I'd be daring by just wearing four.

I didn't want to cover-up all the gorgeous colour and texture so I just Konaded the tips with a floral pattern with GCOCL plate G13 and Stargazer Chrome 232 (silver), and dotted the centres of the flowers with some Stargazer Chrome 234 (pink). I'd not done Konaded nail tips before and was well pleased that I managed to stamp the design on in a fairly straight manner.

My first Konaded tips. Needz moar light.

You should be able to find a bottle of Urban Decay Exhaust on eBay, and the set of eight GCOCL plates are also available on Ebay from Syster.


Supersparklekitty said...

I love this color,and the tips are so feminine!

KarenD said...

Very pretty! I tagged you with an award, hope it's okay to leave the link here:

Missus Boot said...

Thank you, my feminine side likes to pop out her head every now and then to say hello.

And thanks for the award KarenD, it's my first :)

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