Friday, 27 May 2011

This Is The Title Of My Post \o/

Needed something a little bit neutral and Boots 17 Lasting Fix Toasted Almond seemed to fit the bill.

Boots 17 Lasting Fix Toasted Almond Swatch
Boots 17 Lasting Fix Toasted Almond Swatch

Tribal Nails - Boots 17 Lasting Fix Toasted Almond, plate HB43 and Fauxnad m71
This is a good, solid neutral shade with quite the pearly finish that I'm not sure I like. No moans about the application as it went on well enough, only needing two coats for good coverage.

Fancied some tribal patterns and maybe a spot of flower and dug out plates HB43 and Fauxnad m71 for some hot, stamping action. I used Superdrug MUA Shade 2 (black) and Konad White Special Polish as the stamping polishes, then coloured in the petals with some pink Laura Paige 26 Limited Edition and shaded the centre of the flower with some random brown gift-set polish. The picture on the left is of the right ring-finger -- the stamping came out really well on that one. Picture below is of the left hand which came out a bit wonky and smudgy :(

Tribal Nails - Boots 17 Lasting Fix Toasted Almond, plate HB43 and Fauxnad m71
Tribal and Flower. Messy.

It's missing something but I'm not sure what.


jaljen said...

The very ornate nail is lovely but if they were all like that it would be OTT.

What if the middle finger had the flower but not the 6 added leaves?

Manicured Monkey said...

I like the edgy look! May be the flower should be a pop of color to with stand the black? But I like the way it is :D

Stompy Boot said...

Thanks muchly for the help, I ended up stamping a flower without leaves in random places and it doesn't look as empty, yay \o/

Might use this as a single finger job for that special occasion where I have to wear a frock, :)

Fab-La-Licious said...

Oh wow thats awesome....why wont my stamping turn out that way....mine never seems to transfer to my blooming nails.

Stompy Boot said...

@Fab-La-Licious I had the same problem for ages :( ISTR this guide on Lacquerized being really helpful, especially the bit about filing the stamper -->

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