Saturday, 14 May 2011

Let's Try This One Again

Blogger ate the draft of this post as well. Greedy Blogger.

ISTR banging on about Wednesday's Urban Decay Exhaust making my fingers look a bit grey, prompting me to replace the silvery-pinky-mauve with some, errrr, more grey.

Accessorize Rockstar Idol Swatch
An Accessorize Idol swatch, chillin' in the sun.

Accessorize Rock Star Idol is a dark, charcoal grey with a very prominent silver shimmer, nicely dark with a good bit of blinginess to it. The application was OK, maybe a bit thick and lumpy but I did only need one coat for good opacity. This would probably work nicely as a stamping polish, actually, must give that a go.

Idol is also half-price at Superdrug at present (and maybe on Accessorize's website too but I can't find it), so yay.

Did my tips again as it's my thang at the moment. Decided on one of the tip patterns on Bundlemonster plate BM17 and some Stargazer Chrome 232 (silver), stamped away, and found it hard to get the buggers straight. Tips are hard :( The interestingly-angled bits were quickly painted over with some more of the Accessorize Idol and it looked a bit better.

Accessorize Rockstar Idol, Stargazer Chrome 232, plate HB005 and plate BM17
Can't do tips straight

Chucked a skull on an accent finger because, you know, skull. This particular design is from the skull-feste plate that is HB-05, (here it is at NailArt Und Mehr, there's some on eBay as well). This was also stamped with the Stargazer silver chrome polish.

It all got mattified during Blogger's downtime with some ELF Matte Top Coat. I like it matte, it's quite Orly Iron Butterfly. Maybe. It looked even better with two coats of the ELF matte topcoat but there are no pics of further mattness, as it was dark.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby

I like this polish, I put it on on Thursday and it's still going. Brilliant.


ABOP Laquerlove said...

Love the stamped patterns!

jaljen said...

Dammit. Why do I not have this?! It's really cheap. Surely it won't count as actually buying something???

Much luv for the award!

Missus Boot said...

I believe that it doesn't count if it costs less than a cup of coffee.

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