Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Butterflies, Flutterbyes, Gutterflies

Wearing some NYC East Village because it isn't purple.

NYC East Village Swatch. Very, very sheer.

Righty. Great colour but the formula on this was an 'orrible, runny affair and required around six or seven coats to get some opacity going. However, it is chock-full of green shimmer -- that and the runniness should make this polish brilliant for layering over other colours.

I wasn't happy with the VNL and layered a quick coat of Orly Halleys Comet over the top. Lovely.

This is lovely. Why did it have to get ruined? :(

Not long after the application of this very yummy colour, my Helmer turned up. I had to put it together immediately, despite freshly painted nails and bastards stealing my screwdrivers. I reciprocated by stealing their screwdrivers and got to work. Carefully.

Naturally, this putting together of a large metallic object trashed my nails to next week, and a heavy Konad repair was needed.

Rabble of butterflies going mental for flower

Fact of the day: there are two collective nouns for butterflies - a swarm or a rabble (my fav).

I stamped a silhouetted rabble of butterflies on the nails using the design on Bundle Monster plate BM-205, then applied the large flower on plate GCOCL A02 (same as the M71 Hello Kitty plate, only the designs are bigger). This was done with the Konad Special White polish which was then shaded with some NYC East Village - that mega-sheerness came in handy. Finally, a blob of glitter was put in the centre of the flower and top coat applied. Yay.


Lydia said...

LOVE this!

Unknown said...

Gosh,this IS a lovely polish! I sometimes see it at the drugstore,but have never tried the brand. Now you've created a huge lemming for it!

Laura said...

This is cooL! The layering you did looks like Zoya Charla!

Missus Boot said...

Thanks peeps :)

@Laura, how brilliant - now I don't have to buy Charla :)

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