Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tribal Lillies

I've been using too many blues and purples and mattes so I'm going for some shiny shiny green. Here is a swatch of some old Urban Decay Cult.

Urban Decay Cult Swatch
Bottle is old and probably wise.

Blimey, that bottle has seen better days. Colour is great though, it's a metallic green with an occasional flash of gold and blue (depending on the light).

The nails then got Konaded with some black tribal off the Chez Delaney plate T31 using the black special Konad polish, which looked a bit boring on its own, so outlines of lillies from the Fauxnad m33 plate (pic) went on. These were then hand-coloured with Orly Winter Wonderland and some Collection 2000 Hot Looks Oh La La (an obnoxious yellow off eBay, it's brilliant).

Konading, handpainting, and look! It isn't matte!

Then I had a cup of tea and resisted the urge to add glitter and matte top coat. I am strong, or something.

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