Thursday, 24 March 2011

Tribal Nails II

I've been trying out cheap and cheerful nude shades, and today I'm trying Maybelline Express Finish 27 Marble. At least, I think it's called Maybelline Marble -- the bottle doesn't say so I'm having to rely on the eBay selller.

Maybelline Express Finish Marble 27 Swatch

There we go -- two coats resulted in a fairly opaque pearly finish that dried quickly, albeit a bit streaky. The finish was actually a bit too pearly for my liking, so I put two coats of E.L.F. Nude over it and it was ready to rock and roll. Or stamp and roll with Chez-Delaney plate T31 and Konad Black Special Polish.

Tribal Nails II -- Matte
Tribal Nails II -- Matte

Went for the matte finish on the above picture, which is why it looks a bit smeary. The middle finger got trashed whilst stamping the other hand -- that was a bit of a bummer -- but the other fingers looked OK. I decided not to colour anything in and leave it two-tone.

Absolutely loving these Chez-Delaney plates, I must continue to be cigarette-free and get some more \o/

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