Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tribal Nails

Fancied a bit of red to match my socks, so today, for your viewing pleasure is Superdrug's MUA Shade 8.

Oh, hello there Red. Tea?

Got a couple of Chez Delaney plates this morning, and they're really rather lovely. Most of the stuff on that site is, it's like a shiny money drain :) Anyway, there is an incredible selection of tribal design plates, and being a fan of tribal tattoos I had to get a couple -- and after much mmmming and ahhhhing I went for plates T31 and B101. Today I used the T31 plate -- it  is a tad challenging to get a good stamp out of, it didn't like my cheap Superdrug black polish but it was fine with the Konad Special polish. Cleaning the plate and stamper after every stamp was also helpful, as was using an old HMV gift card instead of the metal scraper, and after a few messy attempts I got the hang of it. Yay.

Tribal Nails I
Tribal nails own considerably.

I got a bit bored as usual and dotted on some dots using a pin and some Eyeko Vampira, a black polish with fabby red shimmer. It probably ruined it but I don't care, tribal nails own. In fact, they own so much that I'm ignoring the Nfu.Oh 52 that appeared through my letterbox this morning.

Mattified it the next day with some Rimmel Ultra Pro Matte Finish, and the design stands out beautifully, albeit a bit smudgy and messy.

Tribal Nails I Matte
Tribal Nails mattified. Matte is like the new glitter, or something.

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