Saturday, 26 March 2011

Mystery BYS White Chrome

The lovely blokey bought me some random cool things, Bundlemonster plates and BYS Nail Polish packs for our anniversary, and I'm going to try them out.

Wearing a polish from the chrome set today -- the white one. Yeah, the bottles come unlabelled, so I have no idea what the names are. This one could be Moonshine, or White Pearl, but I really have no idea :(

Here's the white chrome polish that could possibly be Moonshine or White Pearl or something else -- it's pretty much opaque after three coats and while it looks a bit frosty under natural lights, it's quite nice and metallic under artificial lights.

BYS Metallic White Swatch
BYS Chrome White Swatch

I wasn't too sure which Bundlemonster plate to go for, and after some tea, toast and careful deliberation, I went for the flower design on BM04 and stamped it with Superdrug MUA Shade 2 (black). I dotted over the dots with 2true Shade 13 (purple) and we were there.

BYS Metallic White Konad JobPlate BM04 Struts its stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Didn't realize that design was so cute. Totally just did my nails with it. :D

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