Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hello Kitty Skull & Crossbones

Fancied a bit of pink today. I have several pinks that I never wear and, after some deliberation, ruining two coats of another pink and getting annoyed, I went for the Laura Paige 26 Limited Edition.  This is a good pink, available from your friendly chemists or

Laura Paige 26 Limited Edition SwatchLaura Paige 26 Limited Edition Swatch. It's pink

As usual, I got bored and decided that pink wasn't enough. I received the Hello Kitty Fauxnad m71 plate the other day and saw this as a perfect opportunity to try it out. I put some silver stars from Fauxnad plate m17 on (which was a waste as they don't show up in the finished result), then I stamped the head of Hello Kitty over the stars. It was missing something -- crossbones! I got these from the skull on Fauxnad plate m42 (also on Konad m28).

Hello Kitty and CrossbonesHello Kitty and Crossbones. Nose is fat.

Some messy colouring-in followed this stamping fun. I cheated and used white acrylic paint for the heads, the pink ribbon got some glittery treatment from Saffron Colour 09, and the nose had a splodge of Collection 2000 Hot Looks Oh La La. It looks a bit messy up close as you can see from the macro-abuse below, and there's a mark under the chin that shouldn't really be there, but no-one goes up to my nails and closely inspects them for bad paint splodging so I'm getting away with it \o/

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