Wednesday, 9 March 2011

\m/ As Metal As Flippin' eck Nails \m/

Decided to go with some silver today so I've swatched the Saffron Colour 13.

Saffron Colour 13 Silver Swatch
Saffron Colour 13 Swatch. Shiny Silver.

Nice and shiny, it does the job, available from Blush Cosmetics, eBay and maybe in your local chemist, and it costs a quid for a bottle. This is good. What wasn't good was breaking my Boots boycott by purchasing a bottle of Barry M Nail Effects 311 Crackle stuff :O

Saffron Colour 13 Silver and Barry M Nail Effects 311 Crackle
Barry M Nail Effects 311. It crackles me up.

I applied different thicknesses of the crackle polish to see how it affected the final look; the index finger sported a very thick coat, middle finger was a thickish coat and the ring finger had a thin application. Can't remember what I did with the little finger, anyway I like the thin coat the best. A top coat of Rimmel Ultra Pro Matte Finish finished the job and then a nice plumber came round to fix my cold tap before my nails had dried properly and I gouged a bit out by turning off the stopcock.  Bummer.

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