Friday, 25 March 2011

Fingers O' Fire

I've not worn any orange for a very, very, very long time. It isn't really my colour, y'see, but I decided to try out this possibly ancient bottle of Constance Carroll 238 Squash because it looked interesting as it had a green shimmer to it. Oooh.

Constance Carroll 238 Squash Swatch.
Constance Carroll 238 Squash Swatch. Very messy as there was a splodging incident

The green shimmer that made it interesting didn't show up at all on the nails, making this orange a bit boring, really. I decided to chuck some Nubar 2010 over it, and suddenly, my fingers looked aflame like I was some sort of superhero, or something.

Constance Carroll 238 Squash and Nubar 2010
Fingers. Of. FIRE!

I absolutely love this but I hate it at the same time as I really can't bear orange on my fingers, it just freaks me out :(

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