Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Bad Bad Fauxmance

Made me some Frankenpolish today, using that awful Avon Matte Black stuff and some other eBay glitter polish that came from China, and managed to produce some bad Bad Fauxmance, a take on Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance.

Using the Chinese nail varnish for the picture as there wasn't quite enough glitter in my Frankenpolish.

Bad FauxmanceCheap, cheerful and you can get high off the chemicals. Nails are dented as I trashed the top coat :(

The glitter in this is well nice, it appears bright pink but goes to purple and red, depending on the light. It also lasts pretty well, considering I've wearing it with the oh-so fragile Avon Matte; I've cleaned the bathroom and done all sorts wearing this and it hasn't chipped, which leaves me wondering, "how on Earth am I going to remove this stuff*".

I also have to say that the Chinese eBay nail polish (DICI is it? DIIC? Don't Inhale It's Caaaah ... ) absolutely stinks to high heaven, it's like a smelly cross between lots of Superglue and paint thinner. Seriously, if you get this you may want to apply in it a well-ventilated area. I didn't and I actually quite enjoyed it %o)

*Removed it with nail polish remover and it came off pretty easily. Win.

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Ida Pie said...

Now I know where I have seen this glitter polish. Born pretty store has it. And I'm getting it. Didn't know it was this awesome. EXCITED!

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