Monday, 21 March 2011

Thank You For Coming To Knebworth

I've been wanting to see Opeth for years and years and years but never got round to it. This year, they're coming locally to the Sonisphere Festival which is just over there *gestures vaguely*. I'm so chuffed about this that I've done Opeth nails, loosely based on their album 'Blackwater Park'. Cover is pictured on the right there, say hello, album cover!

Started off with a bit of the old Avon Matte Black As Night. I've swatched it for your viewing pleasure, though it is very boring as it's matt black. I apologise for my minging cuticles, I've been abusing them :(

Avon Matte Black Swatch
It's matte and it's black -- it's Avon Matte Black as Night.

Sponged with grey acrylic paint
I started off by sponging the top portion of the nail with light grey acrylic paint. I applied some tiny blobs of black around the tips using a small brush, then dabbed them with a sponge. A small amount of white acrylic paint was dabbed on to the centre and blended in with a sponge. It looked pretty manky at this point, as you can see.

The next Konading part was meant to be painstakingly photographed step-by-step but I got into it a bit and completely forgot to do it.

Stamping in the sillouhettes was first. I used Superdrug MUA Shade 2 as the stamping polish and stamped on the four lines design from the Fauxnad m03 plate. These lines were meant to represent the creepy people hiding in the trees.

Next up was Fauxnad plate m43 -- there was a tree shape on there which would do. I stamped this pattern on twice, once upside down  to make it look like there were trees, though they look like bits of bamboo TBH.

Then it was time for a squiggly design on the Konad m70 plate, I used this with Superdrug MUA Shade 11 and stamped it over the black area at the bottom.

Blackwater Park Nails
My Nails' Tribute to Blackwater Park

Up there is the end result. It doesn't look like the Blackwater Park album cover at all but I like the overall effect so I've kept it on. It's hard putting album covers on my nails, but it's bloody brilliant fun.

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