Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Kevin Spacey's Midlife Crisis Thing

Couldn't decide what colour to wear so asked the blokey. He suggested red and black and, since he puts up with my polish habits, I went along with it. I had made this frankenpolish ages ago out of some old 90s red polish and half a vial of red Hobbycraft glitter, and was frankly too scared to use it because of all the glitter.

Today, for my lovely blokey, I shall wear it.

Kevin Spacey's Midlife Crisis Thing Frankenpolish
Kevin Spacey's Midlife Crisis Thing Frankenpolish. Oh dear.

This is quite Darth MaulI put three coats on and it wasn't too bad -- it reminded me of a bath full of rose petals for some reason, which reminded me of Kevin Spacey's midlife crisis thing in American Beauty. And from this, a ridiculous name for the frankenpolish was born -- Kevin Spacey's Midlife Crisis Thing, hereafter known as KSMCT.

KSMCT itself was quite clunky and lumpy and a bit oogly but I liked the way the different layers of glitter interacted with each other. Sadly, I wasn't too happy with the overall look (it looks fab on my toes, mind) and stamped over it all with Superdrug MUA Shade 2 (black) and Konad plate m64. And then it started to look really badass :)

Kevin Spacey's Midlife Crisis Thing & Konad m64Kevin Spacey's Midlife Crisis Thing & Konad m64

Yeah, I like this, I feel like I have Darth Maul's face on my fingers. Thanks blokey, you're ace!

*Edit: this frankenpolish was a bit of a pain to remove because of the sheer amount of glitter in there, but it also seriously stained my nails. I mean proper stained, I used base coat and everything, and the franken just kicked it right in the arse.

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Ida Pie said...

I'll take your "Kevin Spacey's Midlife Crisis Thing" Frankenpolish. I LOVE red! And this franken is awesome.

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