Wednesday, 30 March 2011

420 Stick Skulls on Stuff Every Day

It's time for the next thrilling installment of 'Swatching the BYS Pack', wow, how exciting. Actually, it is a bit exciting as I've discovered that I really, really like this nameless purple chrome.

BYS Chrome Purple Swatch
BYS Chrome Purple Swatch. Nice.

Pouty Purple, maybe? BYS haven't got back to me about the colour names, maybe they don't want me buying their products and sticking skulls on them.

Before I stuck a skull on them, I stamped them with the dotty design on Konad m60 with some Collection 2000 Gilded 292 (metallic polish that is quite good for teh stamps, and it's dirt cheap on fleabay). I cocked up a bit on me ring finger so stuck an Andrea Fulerton skull nail decal on there and coloured that gold. Finally, filled in the skully eye and went around the skull with some Saffron Glitter Colour 04.

BYS Chrome Purple Gold Skull
Need to know the name of this purple.

So tempted to put a little mohican on that skull =:)

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