Sunday, 29 May 2011

npower League One

I always got told not to wear green as it is an unlucky colour. No reason was given for the unlucky, no explanation or justification, just, "don't wear green", and I didn't wear it at all for years.  Wot a scaredy-cat. Now I will prove to you with, errr, SCIENCE, that green is not an unlucky colour, it's quite nice actually.

I started off with some Superdrug MUA Shade 13, which is a good, bold green with a bit of a soft side to it. Is the name 13 unlucky? We'll find out. You may be able to note the slightly pearly finish and the smoothly-applied two coats; yep, they all look fine, a bottle costs a quid at Superdrug, good job, now back to the science.

Superdrug MUA Shade 13 Swatch
Superdrug MUA Shade 13. Is it unlucky?

I observed no bad luck and did really well on Guitar Hero Metallica - maybe green wasn't so unlucky after all. Testing the theory further, I applied more green in the form of Nfu.Oh 056 over top of the MUA Shade 13.

Superdrug MUA Shade 13 and Nfu.Oh 056. Magnum pose
Delicious, yummy flakies

Superdrug MUA Shade 13 and Nfu.Oh 056. Le Tigre pose
I'l love a tank in this colour, but without the tip-wear, ta.

Then wonderful things happened:

  • My <3 football team Stevenage Boro got promoted to League One. Such a beautiful, totally unexpected thing. Should have put a fiver on it at the beginning of the season. 
  • Manchester United lost the Champions League. Haha. 
  • Mr Luton and I completed a good section of Army of Two TFD co-op on Contractor difficulty with no arguments whatsoever -- a very, very rare and unusual side-effect indeed. Rubbish game, mind.
  • Other general \o/ stuff.  

Green owns. Wear more green. The Master Chief is lucky and loves Nfu.Oh 056. See?

Master Chief loves Nfu.Oh 056 and Hello Kitty
Nfu. Oh 056. Better than spamming hologram.


Unknown said...

I love green. And you cannot go wrong with NfuOh 56! Glad you found it lucky after all.

Missus Boot said...

Too scared to take it off now in case the house falls down, or something.

Anonymous said...

Yay for green! Nfu-Oh 56 looks gorgeous on you. :)

Missus Boot said...

Thanks missus :)

Swååfie said...

Haha! I love your science ;) And green have been one of my fave colors for yeeaars.. And I don't consider myself that unlucky! :p

Missus Boot said...

Cheers :)

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