Sunday, 15 May 2011

More Birthday Nubar

Today I am wearing Nubar Purple Rain as I felt that this particular Sunday would not be complete without Prince's Purple Rain going through my head for hours and hours and hours.

Photos are all in natural light on an overcast, grey day.

Nubar Purple Rain Swatch
Nubar Purple Rain looks much better than this photo

Nubar Purple Rain is a gorgeous polish with a deep purple base and pink, purple and mutli-coloured glitter. Application was smooth and trouble-free and three coats were required to get a proper opaque finish. Lovely.

Nubar Purple Rain Glitter
Close-up shot and blurry glitter shot

A Konading of flowers was next. Plate of the day was GCOCL G16 / K04, and the polishes used Stargazer Chrome 234 (pink) mixed with a spot of the white GCOCL polish (available from eBay). This worked out quite well - I'd had issues with the GCOCL polishes being a bit sheer, rubbery and hard to work with but they appear to work nicely when combined with other polishes.

Nubar Purple Rain, Stargazer Chrome 234, GCOCL White and plate GCOCL G16
Shiny Konading.

For some reason my nails reminded me of hairdressers driving silver convertible Mercedes with tennis racquets scattered about the back seat and I went over it a couple of coats of ELF Matte Finisher. Also tried out a new finger pose, which was exciting.

Nubar Purple Rain, Stargazer Chrome 234, GCOCL White Polish, GCOCL Plate G16, ELF Matte Finisher
Think I'm liking this matte


ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

I like this a lot with the matte topcoat!

Stompy Boot said...

Thanks, really pleased with how it looked matte :)

Moondancerjen said...

I'm in love with this color, and the stamping and then the matte! uh! it slays me! GORGEOUS!

Stompy Boot said...

Thanks, and extra thanks for the BIG plate you posted the other day :)

Nailderella said...

OMG! This looks gorgeous!!!!!!! I love it with the matte top coat!

Ida Pie said...

Holy crap I like the matte version. The glitter in the polish comes out and it goes so well with the print

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