Friday, 25 February 2011

Something A Bit Girlie

Here's a swatch of the Laura Paige 34 Limited Edition wot I found in the chemists last week ...

Laura Paige 34 Limited Edition Swatch
Two coats.

It's a nice foily metallic pink,  and it's £2.29 in your local neighbourhood chemist or from Not my usual obnoxious colour, but it is one that I like and would wear again. But for now, let's ruin it with some silver tips.

Laura Paige 34 Limited Edition and Saffron Colour 13Bloody spongers, coming here, taking our nail polish.

I quickly sponged the tips over with some Saffron of London Colour 13 and it was OK, but it was missing something. It was missing some bling.

Laura Paige 34 Limited Edition, Saffron Colour 13 and Barry M 239 Lavender Hexograms
They are not hexograms, they're squares.

There we go. Today's bling is Barry M 239 Lavender Hexograms and I have no idea why they are called Lavender Hexograms because they are square with four sides. A small technicality, I know, but it is annoying me for some reason.

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