Thursday, 24 February 2011

Dragonflies Are Nice

Over the years, our garden manages to attract a few dragonfiles that like to hang out around our pond. As dragonflies are nice, I had a go at popping some on my nails. Not real dragonflies, mind, it's too cold. Something dragonflyish.

Started off with a base of Constance Carroll 339 Empire which is a most incredible green and about £1 from eBay or one of those quaint chemists that still stocks shower caps from 1982.

Please bear in mind that I was messing about with paint and harsh substances which is why it looks like I've got terrifying old woman hands. I've not. Yet. The future is scary, really scary :O

Constance Carroll Diamond Gloss 339 Empire Swatch
Fiddling with stuff made my lovely green nail tips all sadface.

I tidied up the tips and stamped over the nail using Konad plate m65 with a stonking purple - 2True Shade 16 (available at Superdrug). The purple wasn't as vibrant as I'd hoped, maybe Nubar Peacock Feathers would be better. Whatever, it didn't seem right ...

Constance Carroll 339 Empire, 2True Shade 16, Konad m65
Green and Purple Curly Wurly. Fingers don't look wrinkly in this one, result!

Something was missing and I didn't know what. Dragonflies have veiny wings, how about chucking some veins on there? Out came Konad plate m70 and Urban Decay Cult (green/gold duochrome).

Constance Carroll 339 Empire, 2True Shade 16, Urban Decay Cult, Konad m65, Konad m70
Hands like a handbag.

Just can't get my little phone-cam to pick up how awesome it looks, the veins look crisp and three-dimensional in real life. This is absolutely typical, today the light is fantastic but the good light is actually drowning out my subtle dragonfly veins. Sod's Law sucks. Cuh.

Dragonfly nails attempt number 2 will be coming soon, no doubt, with less old woman hands.

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