Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Space Nails

This nail bling continues on from yesterday's Avon Matte disaster and subsequent glitter repair-job. The glitter did look like a nice starfield, and I'd not long seen a right groovy tutorial on Space Nails at Nails by Asami, so I thought I'd give them a whirl.

It all seemed easy enough, matte black base, holo and duochromes and glitter; I was halfway there already. Using a sponge that started life as one of those washing up sponges with a scouring pad on, I sponged away with me polishes and worked out that I had managed to apply 11 coats so far:

Base coat, two coats of Avon Matte Black as Night, spot of Konading, two coats of Sally Hansen top coat, two coats of the Saffron Colour 06 (black with silver glitter), a sponging of Gosh 549 (holographic and so very  shiny), a sponging of Nubar - Peacock Feathers (purple and green duochrome) and one coat of NYC Starry Silver Glitter (chunky blue, silver and lavender glitter). Blimey.

Space Nails
It's a bit spacey, I suppose.

I was going for a nice opulent cloud look there which was actually working quite nicely, until I put some chunky glitter on. It went a bit clunky after that and spoilt the opulence really, so I opted to add even more polish to that lot.

Space Nails II - Peacock Feather's Revenge
Space Nails II - Peacock Feather's Revenge

That's more sponged-on Gosh 549 and Nubar Peacock Feathers and some of the Saffron Colour 06 glitter. Oh, and a quick layer of some random top coat I found in a drawer that was a gift in the 1990s. The excessive glitter still ruins it, unfortunately, and the picture came out a bit clunky because my camera is a phone-cam and because I have 15 coats of nail polish on, but they look nice and shiny in real life. Yay!

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