Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Denim Nails Gone Wrong

Better version here

This post contains some of the worst pictures I have taken. They were only checked on the camera screen as I didn't get a chance to check them on the computer as it decided to lose a hard drive, so the git wouldn't boot. Reseated the cables, drive came back then Windows wouldn't boot. Then my server crashes for the first time ever after several years of being happy and shiny, oh FFS.

Maybe some blue would be soothing ...

Here's me base of Constance Carroll 332 Blue Candy, a silvery pearly blue. It's alright, actually, I'd wear it on it's own. However I was craving ciggies and needed to do things to it. Looking at blue things could only be calming, right?

Constance Carroll Diamond Gloss 332 Blue Candy Swatch
Quite a nice blue, this is.

The base got lightly sponged over with some Konad Special White Polish, then sponged over with some Constance Carroll Midnight Blue, followed up with another sponging of Constance Carroll Blue Candy. I chucked a coat of Mavala Matt Top Coat on there and it was good for a while, my nails looked like 80s stonewashed jeans. Yeah, nice nails, shame about the photo.

Denim Nails Gone WrongHorrible blurry picture. It all went Pete Tong :(

At some point I gouged bits out reseating hard drive cables so Konaderized it all with silver roses, using Konad plate m65 and Saffron Colour 13. And got another dreadful picture.

Denim Nails Gone Wrong With Roses
When in doubt, stamp over with silver roses. Oh god, this is just awful :'(

Sometimes technology utterly, utterly hates me.

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