Sunday, 20 February 2011

Space Nails III - Attack of the Lunar Eclipse

Didn't intend for this to turn out as another lot of space nails, but it just happened.

Started of with a base of cheap and cheerful Constance Carroll Diamond Gloss in 346 Midnight Blue and could not get a decent photo of it, I later found out that there was something smeary on the lens, probably from the dog, which made everything go fuzzy.

Constance Carroll Diamond Gloss 346 Midnight Blue Swatch
There was also something on the lens :(

The bottle has a nice blue shimmer to it which sadly hardly shows up on the nails at all. It was quite gloopy and drippy to apply as well, and it smelt of the olden days. I put some glitter on it.

Constance Carroll 346 Midnight and Saffron Colour 05
Glitter will sort that out for you, mate.

This is Saffron of London Colour 05, a purple, blue and silver glitter mix (available from UK chemists, eBay and Blush Cosmetics.) It has a bit of a holo effect to it when the light hits it right, tis wicked. I was enjoying it until I got bored and thought that I'd add some nebulous tips on top of the glitter.

Space Nails III - The Cast
In order of appearance (left to right): Constance Carroll 346 Midnight Blue, Saffron Colour 05, Orly Lunar Eclipse, Laura Paige Limited Edition 34, Gosh 549 and Saffron Colour 07.

I sponged some Orly Lunar Eclipse over portions of the nail, starting at the tips and concentrating on one side or the middle. Next came a sponging of a metallic foily pink - Laura Paige Limited Edition Number 34 (available in UK chemists and at,  I sponged this in very small patches at the tips and random spots where I had already sponged Lunar Eclipse. Next up was a sponging of Gosh 549 Holographic just by the areas I'd done with the pink, then another quick sponging of Lunar Eclipse on the bits I'd messed up.

Once I was happy with my little nebulae I applied some Saffron Colour 07 (big and little bits of silver glitter) to the clouds, with the big chunky bits going over the Gosh 549 and smaller silver bits over the Lunar Eclipse. Then it was dark and I had to get picture with artificial light :(

Space Nails III - Attack of the Lunar Eclipse
Under artificial lights.

Space Nails III Lunar Eclipse Daylight
In natural light. No sunlight, this is England.

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