Friday, 11 February 2011

Guitar Hero Metallica Killed My Nails

It was those HOPOs on Demon Cleaner's expert bass part that finished them off, it snapped the corner bits so they flapped about. I could hear them click away and everything, but it was ignored as I had me groove on. Bunghole :(

Orly Space Cadet SwatchOrly Space Cadet from the Cosmic FX collection. Bloomin' gorgeous.

A quick filing and very dodgy repair job involving teabags and nail hardener made them a bit happier, albeit a bit lumpy, and a spot of the luverly Orly Space Cadet almost made them pee their pants with joy. It has some rather sexy duochrome going on there, flashing purpley-red into gold and maybe bits of green, it's got a little pink shimmer, and it isn't my usual sort of colour but I loves it. It really is rather fab.

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