Sunday, 13 February 2011

I Like It, I Don't Like It, I Don't Know

I really couldn't be arsed to remove the Orly Space Cadet, but fancied a bit of a change so I painted directly over it with a coat of Urban Decay Metropolitan.

Urban Decay Metropolitan Swatch
Urban Decay Metropolitan and friendly pashmina

This isn't really my colour at all. I like it muchly, it's a good shade of reddy purple with some stonking pink shimmer and it is dirt-cheap on eBay at the mo, but it reminds me of my mother for some reason.

Urban Decay Metropolitan MUA Shade 11 Konad m65
Wrapping paper! Sadly, my nails do not contain gifts :(

I gave the Metropolitan a going over with some Konad magic, using MUA Shade 11 and Konad plate m65 and it ended up looking like something from under a Christmas tree. It also looks a bit mess in the photo, probably because of the Space Cadet lurking around underneath, but looks pretty groovy IRL as I am quite short-sighted and can't see the flaws. Win :)

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