Monday, 7 February 2011

Glitter Makes Everything Alright

I tried some Avon Matte Black as Night out today and we really didn't get on. It went on OK, dried quickly and looked pretty damn fine but it was very fragile and chippy. It chipped so quickly that I couldn't even get a photo of it :( I decided to go for a quick repair-job instead of taking it off and putting something shiny on, and a spot of Konad seemed the way to go.

Avon Matte Black, Maybelline Forever Strong Lilac Pearl, Konad m63
No, it's still a bit Pete Tong

I stamped over it using Konad plate m63 with Maybelline Forever Strong - Lilac Pearl, which is a damn good stamping polish and it's 99p on eBay. But it just wasn't right. The photo is awful, the Avon Matte kept chipping so I had to repair the stamped bits by hand using an old liquid eyeliner applicator and I just wasn't sure about it. Nor was the Avon Matte, as it kept chipping away until I got the right hump with it and went over it all with two coats of Saffron Colour 06 (black with silver glitter, about a quid for a bottle).

Avon Matte Black, Saffron of London Colour 06
Saffron Colour 06 Saves The Day

You can still see the Konading beneath the glittery layer because of the flash and because I missed bits out on the sides, but it looks fine in normal light, like a shiny shiny starfield. Nice.

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