Tuesday, 15 February 2011

That's A Bit Girlie

I loved the Not Like The Movies that I had on yesterday, but it gave me a weird zombie flesh tone and I didn't want hands that looked reanimated. Thought it would make a good base for Gosh 549 so slapped some of that over it. then took an awful picture of it.

Gosh 549 Holographic Swatch
Simply can not work effectively in these conditions.

Gosh 549 Holographic With Flash
Gosh 549! Now with Flash!

Then I got some new ink done (lillies) by the lovely Jim at Triple Ace Tattoos, Bedford, which made me so :) that I did my nails with flowery things. Using the Gosh 549 as a colourful base I stamped over it twice with some MUA Shade 2 using Konad plate m36. Then I put some Saffron Colour 04 glitter over the butterflies and some Nubar Opulent Pearl over the flowers.. Unfortunately, couldn't put any top coat over it as it killed the holo effect, so it all resulted in a bit of a splodgy mess.

Gosh 549, MUA Shade 02, Saffron Colour 04, Nubar Opulent Pearl, Konad m36
Horrible splodgy mess.

It would have looked better if I'd taken the photo just after I had done them but the light was bad then I trashed them a bit by playing Rock Band 3 and now they're :(

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