Monday, 31 January 2011

Nail Nublet

I decided to do this blog as I’m giving up smoking and fully intend to succeed this time, otherwise I’m going to look a right knob :) I’ve already done a Flickr account with my nail bling in, but fancied expanding it with a blog as sometimes I like to babble on about irrelevant rubbish.

I’ve never really been into doing my nails apart from occasionally colouring them in a particularly obnoxious shade of blue or purple, sometimes even black or silver, and I mostly used nail polish remover for removing thermal paste off heatsinks, but I’m hoping that poncing about with my nails a lot will prevent me from doing cigarettey things. So I’m spending my cigarette money on nail varnish, and I seem to be getting a lot of it as well. I’ve even bought top coat and everything. Really, I’m just replacing one addiction for another but at least I can take pretty pictures of this addiction \o/

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