Friday, 29 June 2012

EOTD: Strange Brew

It's been the hottest day of the year so far (except for maybe that odd period in February), there has been sun, real sun, and a great day for ice cream. I didn't have ice cream, so had to rely on the fruity chocolate shades of eyeshadows instead.

Today's pigments come from Madd Style Cosmetics and are: 
  • Strange Potion - Duochrome orange and pink 
  • Dirty Beatz - Warm brown with subtle sparkles
Usual base of Two Faced Shadow Insurance and Pixie Epoxy, then Strange Potion all over up to brow bone, Dirty Beatz on outer lid and crease and some random pinkish highlighter to finish it off. 

Eyepost photo doesn't bring out the colours all that well, so there's a swatch picture up right. Top swatch shows off the duochrome in natural light, blurry one was done with the flash on and shows off the sparklyness. 

Really have got a crush on the Strange Potion, very strange as it's not a colour that I would have worn in a million years.

A Strange Potion indeed.

Quite like it with the Dirty Beatz as well, but reckon there's something out there that would go with it perfectly. Suppose I'll have to test more eye shadows out to find the perfect match #ohwhatashame.

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