Wednesday, 20 June 2012

EOTD: Up the Pinks

Had a hair incident today with the hair dye and my pastel pink hair is now considerably brighter than it should be at the ends. I feel too old for bright hair and want my pastel old lady hair back. Wearing a hat. 

Thought that I'd make the best of a bad situation and did my eyes to match using a combo of shadows from Fyrinnae and the ELF 100 colour palette:
  • Fyrinnae - Chaotic Evil - a shimmery pink with silver flecks of sparkle
  • ELF Palette - A dark plum, shimmery pink and matt white.
Chaotic Evil was applied all over the lid and lower lashline over a base of Two-Faced Shadow Insurance and Pixie Epoxy. The dark plum went on corner, crease and outer lashline, shimmery pink went up to the brow bone and the matt white was used in the corner of the inner lid and around the duct and as a highlighter.

Found some unopened MUA Liquid Eyeliner, gave that a go and found it smooth to apply and well-pigmented, good show MUA. Not sure which mascara was worn but it probably came from Boots or Superdrug.

Don't know why the plum comes out a bit orange in the photos -- it's a bit darker and richer than it looks. The Chaotic Evil doesn't look as sparkly either, so I've done a swatch on the left there - Chaotic Evil on the left, dark plum middle, shimmery pink right.

Prefer the eyes over the hair right now TBH, at least it washes off easily.

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