Thursday, 14 June 2012

And Now A Lack of Sleep

Can't sleep at all at the mo, so thought that I'd play around with the design of the blog and do my nails at the same time. Quite surprised the nails didn't get wrecked, what with the frustration of dealing with the possessed trackpad on the laptop and mindlessly grabbing cups of tea.

Wearing OPI Ink Suede today because it goes with me new plugs. Came out a bit blue in the pics because my newer, lovely camera that I deeply love and adore doesn't like purple all that much. There's a more accurate swatch here if that tickles yer fancy.

The Ink didn't go on terribly well because it's been sitting around for a year and was a bit goopy so the Konad stuff got dusted off and I made a mess.

Went over the nails with black special polish and plate BM201, decided it was a bit boring and wanted flowers as well, and went for the dangly flowery things on GCOCL plate K03. Boring old top coat that came from the pound shop finished it off nicely.

Be a shame to ruin it tomorrow.


Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

Looks great!

Missus Boot said...

Cheers :) It's still going, this pound shop top coat stuff is rhino-proof.

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