Saturday, 16 June 2012

Radiohead at Glastonbury '97 on BBC Four NOW

Tis an awesome set, you should watch it.

I quite possibly have the most boring Instagram in the world, but I'm posting stuff as it will break up the content a bit, I've done a stylesheet for it and I fancy a ride on a bandwagon :)

This is what England vs Sweden looked like on BBC Player. Naturally, it was once of those rare and interesting England games with goals and an English win. That we missed. Sigh. Should really get round to sorting out an aerial.
It's been raining pretty solidly this week, even the dog's fed up with it. He just sits about these days, looking wistfully at the window but he's SOL.

Our studio developed a leak and flooded this week which was a pain in the arse, but at least this little pond skater fella got a new home.
New business cards turned up this week, did my nails to match :3

Would have been maybe a tiny bit more interesting if Prince Phillip hadn't blown us all out on Thursday, wanted a picture of him THROWING THE HORNS \m/

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