Sunday, 24 June 2012

EOTD: O Green World

Was going to do a green and plum thing today but didn't have a good enough plum :( Must sort that out. Went for a green and black glittery thang instead and used:
  • Fyrinnae's BoyToy - Gorgeous. And green. Oh, and glittery, it is many things that begin with the letter 'G'. Groovy. 
  • Hifi Cosmetics Damned Soul - Black base with green and holographic glitter, oh my. 
  • ELF - A light green from the 100 Colour Palette (marked as C2 on this pic
Two-faced Shadow Insurance and Pixie Epoxy went on, Boytoy on the lid, Damned Soul on outer lid and crease and ELF C2 up to browbone, bit of white highlighter, that'll do.

Apologies for the aargh Zoolander eyepose there, was amusing myself doing the Blue Steel thing, and the silly photos came out much better than the other ones (it wasn't a good photo day). However, there are some nice sparkly swatches of all three up on the right there for your perusal; from left to right: Boytoy, Damned Soul and the ELF C2.

Do like the green and the black together, will have to do it again some day.

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Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

Sooo beautiful. I love this on you :]

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