Monday, 18 June 2012

The Return of the ELF Palette Challenge

And the last of the blurple as well; this boring old top coat from the pound shop is really doing the job with the nubbins and it's still going. It will die tomorrow, but for now I'm going to carry on with the ELF Palette Challenge (that you can't buy at the moment, but have started the challenge so will finish).

Today I have mostly been wearing:
  • J2 - Silver
  • F3 - Mid Blurple
  • D8 - Dark Purple
  • J1 - Light Silver
Started off with the Two-Faced Shadow Insurance, then some Pixie Epoxy on the lid to really bring the shimmery colours out.

J2 - Silver went on the inside of the lid, round the duct and the inner lower lashline.  

The Mid Blurple - F3 - was applied to the middle of both the lid and the centre of the lower lashline, then some D8 Dark Purple was slapped onto the outer lid, outer lower lashline and crease.

Some more Mid Blurple was blended in with the crease up to the brow then some J1 Light Silver was used as a highlighter.

Lashings of mascara went on after that, and lots of black eyeliner because these purpley blues and silvers seriously gave me some zombie eyes. Scary.

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