Sunday, 1 July 2012

NOTD: A Damn Good Seeing-To

Got the Model's Own Beetlejuice polishes aaaaaaages ago and left them in a drawer, all alone and unloved. Thought that it was time to give them a damn good seeing-to, what with being on a duochrome thing at the mo. 

Grabbed the Pinky Brown at random, looked at it, pulled a bit of a face and layered it on over a plain black polish. Fingle waggling commenced -- hmmm, yes, this is acceptable :)

Looks a lot like Orly Space Cadet actually, swatched here (phone-cam pic, OMG you can see my thumb). It's not a dead on dupe as it's more reddy than purpley, but pretty close with that resplendent gold duochrome.

Stamped over the beautifuly, shimmering colour with some black bendy lines from Bundlemonster plate BM201, then went over that with some gold stars off a fauxnad plate.

Plugs of the Day were these test-subject Supernova Remnants that matched up with this nail job quite nicely, outfit of the day was black, as it is every day.

Keeping this Pinky Brown for further damn good seeing-tos, it's quite nice, innit.


Beautyshades said...

Very pretty.

Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

Looks great. I love how they match ^-^

Mishka said...

I am a lurker and lover of your blog. I've nominated you for a blog award, but I know you don't like to have links in your comments, so I won't link it. Just wanted to let you know I did. :)

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